Midori no Hibi

last updated: 2004-06-27

This page maintains obscure screenshots. Spoiler and nudity warning for some links. Serious spoilers! Better not read this page until you watched the whole series...

Censored bit from #2: Animax's version shows less of Midori's body, and puts on their usual watermark.


New opening in #7: As of episode #7, Midori now wears clothes in the flower falling scene, and the background circles are now more colorful.


Old opening in #8: TV Kanagawa's broadcast on 2004-05-23 reverted back to the old opening, but the later broadcasts on the next day (Chiba TV and TV Saitama) used the new opening.

Last episode opening / final ending: the first 20 seconds look very similar, except the flowers are different:

The rest of the opening is completely different, except Midori still sits on Seiji's right hand side.


Changing seasons: three sets of tree colors for the title screen (1-6, 7-10, 11-13). Last part of the last episode completes the seasons.

Ultra Marin: Takamizawa's Ultra Marin.

Aikawa Shou: Seiji's poster + coffee collection.

Gugulu: it's not "Google" that Takamizawa was using in #9, but looks very similar.

By the way, screenshot above shows Gugulu returning 876000 results, actual number of results returned by Google as of 2004-06-02 is 728000.

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