Fullmetal Panic 2022-03-13

Nadesico + Escaflowne + A-Team?

Young naive sergeant sent to protect seemly normal girl, lots more comedy action follows.

People who first started watching this series will definite see the similarity with Nadesico, especially with the captain that looks almost like Ruri. This series being made by Studio Gonzo, the CG is a lot better, and the action scenes were definitely great fun to watch.

What really made it interesting is the characters and the personalities. The naive people are really naive, and the evil ones are truly evil (none of that Kenshin stuff of talking enemies into allies). All characters remained mostly how they were at the beginning of the series, and nothing really happened until the end (except great evil was defeated, of course). But watching Sagara and Chidori live through the whole thing was just too funny ^_^

The Nadesico bit came from all these quirky personalities, the Escaflowne bit came much later (especially in the last episode). The A-Team bit, well, if you heard it you will understand :)

This series is worth watching again and again...

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